Galyna Popinova

born on December 28 1983
in Kyiv

Studied at Shevchenko State Arts School, department of painting. Year of graduation – 2002. In 2008 graduated from The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAFAA) and V. Gurin studio. In 2011 completed postgraduate studies and internship at NAFAA (painting). In 2016 Galyna was awarded by The Kyiv city Major for special youth achievements in development of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv hero-city.

Galyna became award-winner at national competitions n.a. M. Deregus, F. Krychevskyi and others. Galyna’s works repeatedly took part in Charity Auctions with a view to support orphan children and ATO fighters. Works in different genres of easel painting, including portrait, landscape and still-life. A member of Ukraine’s National Union of Artists (NUAU) since 2010. Art-projects supervisor. Art, drawing and composition teacher at her own arts studio. Held seven one-artist exhibitions in 2012 – Zafgreb, Croatia, “Galyna Popinova’s Plein-airs – 2015”. “Maysternia” Gallery. Exhibition “Impressions”, Kyiv. House of Artists, Mykolaiv, and E. Kibrik Museum, Voznesensk, etc. Active participant in national and foreign art exhibitions and projects since 2002.

Selected exhibitons:

2008          Art-event at Kyiv Subway “Art-Train I”.

2010          «Fine Art – 2010», “Mandry”, personal display at Ukrainian House.

2011          “Kyiv – Munchen”, LW 44 gallery, Munchen, Germany.

2012           “KünsTlERsOmmER OTTEnshEim-2O16”, Austria.

2016           “Blossom season”. “Greenwave” gallery, Wuxi city, China.

2016           “Galyna Popinova and students” exhibition, Kemer, Turkey.

Plein-airs in Ukraine: Batiliman, Balaklava, Foros, Sevastopil, Nemyriv, Mukacheve, Svalyava, Rzhyshchiv, Utes, Truskavets (Mirotel), Lviv.

Plein-airs abroad: Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Lithuania, France, UAE, Montenegro, Croatia, Georgia, Jordan, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Moldova.

Galyna’s paintings are kept in numerous museums in Ukraine and private collections in Israel, USA, Germany, Jordan, Switzerland, China, Poland, Austria.

1994-2002           Schooling in T. G. Shevchenko State Artistic Secondary School, department of painting. Teachers: U. E. Goncharenko, I. B.Spornikova.

Since 2002          Education in National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Department of Painting, since2004 – studio of Professor V.I.Gurin.

Since2004           Studio of professor V. I. Gurin.

Since2006           Teaching painting, drawing andcomposition in private art school.

2009-2011          Postgraduate student, National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (painting).

2010                     Member of Union of Painters of Ukraine.

Creative competitions and exhibitions

2002    Dmitrenko creative competition, National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Kyiv.

2003          Honoree of competition for the best work on the occasion of the190-year-old of the birth of T. G. Shevchenko, Kyiv.

2005         Creative competition namedafter Zareckiy, National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Kyiv.

2005          Honoree of competition «Picturesque Ukraine» in the field of easel painting, Nikolaev.

2007          Diploma on All-Ukrainiantriennial «Painting-2007», Kyiv.

2007          Quindgy Competition oflandscape, Memorial of Quindgy in Mariupol.

2009     Award on competition ofPuzirkov in National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, Kyiv.

2009          Laureate of exhibition «Heand She», Lvov.

2008          Diploma from Gallery «Ra»and Main Department for Family and Sport, Kyiv Municipal State Administration, Kyiv.

2012          Laureate of competition «Memorial of Fedir Krichevskiy», National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, gallery «Mistetc», Kyiv.

2012        Laureate of competition «Memorial of Mykhajlo Deregus», National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture,Ministry of culture and tourism of Ukraine.

2013         Personal exhibition “Impressions”. House of Artists, Nikolaev and Museum EA Kibrika, Ascension.

2013          “Art Tsantsun 2013”. Exhibition Center. Tsantsun, China.

2014          Exhibition “Kyiv School ofPainting”. Poland.

2014          Personal exhibition “Impressions.”Rzhyschiv. Ukraine


2003          Participation in open-airs of Kosovshchina and Carpathian.

2005–2006 Participation in picturesque open-airs in Pereyaslav-Kchmelnitskiy.

2006–2010 Participation in annual open-air «Castle of Dubno» (State Historical and Cultural of Reserve «Castle of Dubno»).

2007          Kamenec-Podolskiy.

2008          Israel.

2008          Novgorod-Severskiy.

2009          Crimea (Batiliman, Balaklava, Foros, Bakhchisarai).

2010          Jordan, Montenegro (Budva) and Croatia (Dubrovnik).

2011          Italy (Rome, Venice) and Georgia (Gudauri).

2011          Bendery.

2011          Sevastopol and Bakhchisarai.

2011          Greece (Crete).

2012          Nemyriv, Bukovel, Mukachevo, Zagreb (Croatia).

2013          Egypt; Balaklava, Khersones, Laspi (Crimea); Nemyriw, Rzhyschiv (Ukraine).

2014          Italy (Florence), UAE, Poland, Lithuania (Palanga). Ukraine: Nemirov, Truskavets (Mirotel), Lviv (Leopolis).

2015          Ukraine (Nemirov), Lithuania (Vilnius).


Since Standing participation of All-Ukrainian art exhibitions in exhibition halls 2002 of National Union of Painters of Ukraine and of international exhibitions.

2004          World art exhibition«Autumn salon of Lvov», Lvov Art Palace.

2005          Auction for support ofchildren-orphans «Fund «Company of Children’s Friends», Kyiv.

2007         All-Ukrainian artisticexhibition «Picturesque Ukraine», Ternopol.

2008          Exhibition «Kamenec-Podolskiy Open-Air», Gallery «Kolo», Kyiv.

2008          Art campaign of Kyiv subway«Art-Train I».

2008          Exhibition «ModernPortrait», Gallery «Kolo-Zaspa».

2008          «Still-life», Museum of Tichina, Kyiv.

2008          International artexhibition «High Castle», Lvov Art Palace, Lvov.

2008          Exhibition of funds of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine «Creative Families».

2009          «Kyivan Chesnuts», gallery «Kolo», Kyiv.

2009          All-Ukrainian exhibition«On the Occasion of the 200-year-old of the Birth of N. Gogol», Poltava.

2009          «In Memoriam of MasterFedor Krichevskiy», National Union of Painters of Ukraine. House of Painter, Kyiv.

2010          «Since Tripolje till Contemporaneity», National Union of Painters of Ukraine. House of Painter, Kyiv.

2010          Presentation of project «Mandri», hotel «Rivjera», Liev.

2010          «Fine Art – 2010». «Mandri». Personal exhibit in Ukrainian House.

2010          Exhibition of still-lifenamed after A. Sheremet, Kyiv.

2010          All-Ukrainian triennale «Painting-2010», Kyiv.

2010          Exhibition of modernportrait «Historical Figures of Future».

2010          «Colors of Life. Realism». Fund of extension work of arts, Kyiv.

2011          «Love. Komsomol. Spring», Ukrainian House, Kyiv.

2011          «Batiliman-2011», Art Museum named after M. P. Kroshitskiy, Sevastopol.

2011          «Art-Duet» («Mandri» of Galina Popinove and Eugene Smirnov). «Russian Museum» (branch of Russian Museum (Saint) Petersburg).

2011          «Kyiv-Munich», galleryLW44, Munich. Germany.

2012          Personal exhibit in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Kyiv.

2012          Art-Moscow, Central Houseof Painter, Moscow, Russia.

2012          ІІІ Minsk international biennale of the modern painting.

2012          Personal exhibit. Zagreb, Croatia.

2013          Triennale of the painting. National Union of Painters of Ukraine, Kyiv.

2013          Personal exhibit in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Kyiv.

2013          Personal exhibit «Impressions». Exhibition’s hal of Artist’s House. Mykolajv.

2014          Exhibition”Kyiv School of Painting.” Poland, Gniew.

2014          Exhibition “Thecharm of the ancient Leopolis”
Gallery”Majsternja”. Kiev.

2014          Exhibition “7travelers”, “Gallery Cave”, Kyiv.

2014          Exhibition in UAE.

2015          Exhibition at Birstonas, Lithuania.

2015         Exhibition «In cities Dobby and Tarnobrzeg», Poland.

2015          Personal exhibition”Plein Air Galina Popinova – 2015″. Gallery”Majsternja”. Kiev.

2015          Personal exhibition”Feast of the Nativity.” “President Hotel”, Kyiv.

2015          Exhibition”Dialogues journey.” Halls High Qualification Commission Judges of Ukraine.Kiev.

2015          Exhibition “Christmas Kosice”. Slovakia, Zlata Idka.

2016          Exhibition “Podolsky Winter”. Palace Maria Shcherbaty, Nemyriv.

2016          Exhibition “Galina Popinova and students.” Turkey, Kemer

Works are kept in

Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine (Kyiv)

StateHistorical and Cultural of Reserve «Castle of Dubno»

Dubno (Rovno region)

Taras Shevchenko Historical and Memorial Museum-Reserve(Pereyaslav-Kchmelnitskiy)

Museum of National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (Kyiv)

Palace of princess M. Shcherbatova, Nemyriv (Vinnicaregion)

Private collection of TM «Mernaya»

Museum of Family’s Sheremetievyh

private collections of Ukraine, Germany, USA, Israel, Jordan, Switzerland.