Galyna Popinova

“Art is extremely jealous! Only a daily creative work, deep philosophical perception of the model and a human, love and patience – can create a high art! I am happy that my life is filled with painting, travelling, mutual love of my family, students and friends. And so, just culture and art, their beauty present bright future for the World. Fill yourself with creativity, and you will feel just no space for bad things in your life!”

With love
Galyna Popinova

Halyna Popinova Halyna is a master hand of the high school, who is able, like no one else nowadays, to paint immediately from life. She has a lofty, almost congenital feeling of nature. She feels and comprehends nature, can capture the key point in the overall coloring and chaos of, seemingly, a vivid urban environment. The peculiarity of the plein-air artistry is such when in externalization of a motif one would need to use the best skills and achievements of both impressionists and realists in the matter of rendering of a landscape, peculiarities of this or that lighting, correspondence of state of nature with a psychological condition of both painter and the observer. As a result, Halina’s workings are pained both spontaneously and respectfully, quickly and extremely sincerely. The paintings are very diverse. Some of them have been painted in different parts of the world, some – in her native Kyiv. Every further motif brings new experience, enriches her own style with interesting challenges of externalization. It seems that Halyna even looks for especially complex motifs since she has a virtuoso technique of depicting shades of lighting and delicacies of color – which is the primary factor of painting from life.
Artist, Artcritic Dmitry Korsun
© 2016