Oksana Slyeta

Born on February 9 ‘1950
in Kyiv

Oksana Slyeta. Petro Sliota’a and Galyna Zoria’a daughter. Mykola Popinov’s wife. Born on 9 February 1950 in Kyiv.

Graduated from the Republican Shevchenko Art Middle School in 1968. In 1975 graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute, where she studied at the workshop of monumental painting under the supervision of professor T.Yablonska and V.Chekaniuk, both of them People’s artists of Ukraine.

Oksana defends her graduation project through a stained glass work. A member of National Union of Painters of Ukraine since 1977.

On 25 December 2009 awarded the title of «Distinguished Artist of Ukraine».

Worked in the field of a theme-based painting, portrait, landscape and still life.

 In 1974 actively participated in numerous creative groups, all-USSR and all-Ukrainian exhibitions, plein-airs and international symposiums, notably in: Sednev, Senezh, Palanga, Gurzuf, Alupka, Sevastopol, Batiliman, Foros, Nemyriv, in Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany.

In 1986 awarded a medal «For the labor activity» in the field pf pictorial art. In 2000 awarded an Honorary award of the Union of Painters of Ukraine. In 2001 held a personal exhibition «Of romantic landscape and still lives» in «Persona» gallery under the supervision of O.Avramenko, Kyiv.

Oksana devoted her entire life to the arts and her family. Living in the arts was the moto of hers.


«Oksana Slyeta is a sophisticated and demanding painter. She is like a flower from a bouquet or a berry from an ash-berry bunch, being her family-dynasty. Oksana’s romantic look at the outside worlds, although cast from the net of a not excessively romantic being, is splashed onto her canvases, where still lives get dissolved in landscapes or, to the contrary, a landscape hides into a still life. All those non-real passages are perceived not as a weird fiction, but rather as a nearly forgotten fairytale. Or maybe even as a reminiscence of future: a paradise living amid splendid gardens, where everything is beautiful and intrinsically valuable.»

Olesia Avramenko, Ph.D. in Art history


Oksana Slyeta passed away on 9 September 2011 in Kyiv.

The artworks are kept

Oksana Slyeta’s paintings are preserved in collections of the National Bank of Ukraine, art museums of Ukraine, as well as in private collections in the USA, Germany, France, Japan (the National Museum of Arts, Kyoto), Israel, Slovenia and Italy.

Main artworks

Main artworks are: «A self-portrait», 1978, canvas, oil, 120х90; «Steel concrete», triptych, 1981, canvas, oil, 170х150, 170х250, 170х150; «Nina Matvienko», 2000, canvas, oil, 120х100; «Guelder autumn», 2008, canvas, oil, 60х80; «In Lavra», 2009, canvas, oil, 80х100.